Bidue manufactures in its own artisanal workshop every kind of workmanship and treatment on wood and wooden materials:

  • Solid wood
  • MDF and similar
  • Veneered
  • Chipboard
  • Laminate
  • Lacquered

Bidue is, therefore, the ideal choice for all contract projects in the areas of hotel and restaurant, retail and commercial, business, residential: because it adapts perfectly to any more specific and detailed need.

The internal lab allows us to offer our customers maximum flexibility and customization on all types of products and finishes.

  • Custom-made items
  • Unique products or series
  • Customized finishes
  • Unique decorative elements

In relation to the customer’s needs, Bidue can deliver the requested products to the buyer’s company, in the form of preformed and ready-made assemblies, or turnkey furniture directly at the end office, also dealing with logistics (packing, shipping delivery, assembly).

Everything you can design, we do.

From unique pieces to series

Bidue manufactures furniture for a wide range of environments:

  • Hotels and hospitality sector: reception areas, furniture for dining rooms and bars, living rooms, common rooms, furniture and bathroom suites
  • Restaurants and bars: hall furniture, dining rooms, bar and liquor counter, tables and chairs, lounges
  • Commercial and business areas: retail sales points, executive office furniture
  • Residential facilities: living and dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, home office

Depending on the type of product required, the production may be carried out in series (tables, console, seats) or as a single piece (reception, bar counter, furniture suite).

Contract solutions for residences
Denver Hotel Room with natural durmast furnitures

From technical drawings to the product

The path of creating a furniture always starts from transforming the idea or the sketch into technical drawings. Our technical office can make – if not already available – the CAD technical drawings and 3D models in order to verify the final rendering in space.

According to the buyer, all the details, size and finishing can be established to obtain a completely personalized product, perfect for the destination environment and meeting customer needs and desires.

sketch of custom-made coffee table
custom-made stool for bags for hotels

Suppliers' network

A furniture usually requires other components besides the wooden parts. Bidue produces all wooden components directly while it utilizes a consolidated network of suppliers and collaborators for other components:

  • Iron and steel
  • Other metals
  • Glass
  • Marbles and granites
  • Ceramics
  • Mosaic
  • Fabrics
  • Upholsteries
  • Lights and leds
  • Electronic components

To maintain high quality and craftsmanship standards, Bidue strictly selects its suppliers so that it can offer the customer only a high-quality product.

As part of the visit to our company, you can also be accompanied at their firms and know in person our suppliers.

Artisan woodwork with upholstered elements
artisan manufacturing of fabrics

Traditional craftsmanship

Bidue is a long-standing craftsmanship company: our contract service uses the internal workshop for the production of all wooden components.

This differentiates us from many contractors who deal exclusively with design and purchase, enabling us to meet the needs of professionals, businesses, and customers in a truly personalized and flexible way.

Innovation and technology

Craftsmanship would not have the same value if it were not constantly innovated and actualized. Bidue, while respecting family tradition and made in Italy, places great emphasis on product innovation and process innovation.

Our technologies and processes are constantly innovated to enable Bidue to offer a modern product and the highest quality standards.

Bidue workshop

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