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Technical and sales division

Bidue technical office supports you in the development of every kind of contract project and custom made items, from drafts to the turn-key product. Our officers can create technical drawings, photo renders and 3D views to better help you completely defining a contract project and every phase of the production.

technical and creative department


Visiting Bidue’s production department means touching the quality of raw materials and knowing the craftsmen who, with wise hands, give life to wood. You will be able to follow the steps of creating a product and see how tailor-made and customized furniture is born.

technical and technological innolvation
artisan woodwork

Bidue's suppliers

Know the Bidue’s network: our suppliers and collaborators – craftsmen of glass, stone, mosaic, fabrics, and glass – help us to offer you the best possible product for your needs, finished in every detail.

Artisan woodwork with upholstered elements

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