Bidue manages contractual projects both as a direct producer of custom furniture and as a general contractor in the following sectors:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Shops and Boutique
  • Commercial spaces
  • Offices and business
  • Residences

Bidue establishes with each customer an exclusive and trusted relationship to achieve a totally customized project, matching with its expectations.

Bidue cares with the buyer – architect, interior designer, designer, company – every detail of products and environments required, both directly produced in their own artisan workshop and the ones they will find through suppliers – all of which are selected on the basis of rigorous quality standards.

Bidue makes for contract projects:

  • Custom furnishings
  • Tailor-made details
  • Unique pieces or series
  • Every kind of customization
  • 3D and technical drawing
  • Logistics, delivery, assembly

A dedicated project manager follows each project to provide a customer with a reference partner, attention to specific requirements, project and product customization, time and budget compliance.

We contract, you relax

From sketch to turnkey product

Bidue deals with the whole process of making furnishings, from sketch to delivery.

Our technical office is able to produce, if not already provided by the designer or the company, all the technical drawings necessary for the production of furnishings and the photo-rendering images useful for the final evaluation of the products and the environment.

We do internally all types of work on every wooden support and we rely on a consolidated network of collaborative companies for iron, glass, metal, mosaic, fabric, upholstery, light, and led components.

On behalf, Bidue coordinates all the productive and post-production phases, delivering turnkey products. Bidue is, therefore, a guarantee of quality, reliability, and time savings.

technical and creative department

From the detail to the series

Bidue’s artisans have the skills to handle – with the same degree of expertise and efficiency – both tailor-made furnishings (such as the reception desk of a hotel) and a series of products (bedside tables, seating, etc.).

Bidue takes care of every aspect of production, design, materials, and suppliers, from production to delivery and assembly.

Detail of custom-made furnishings for hotel suites
custom-made stool for bags for hotels

Custom delivery method

Bidue has devised a custom delivery method that allows you:

  • to significantly reduce the packaging materials used without compromising the protection and the safety of the items
  • to significantly reduce shipping costs depending on the lower weight and volume of the materials
  • to deliver more easily to the levels
  • to unpack faster and accelerate assembly times
  • to reduce waste and, consequently, reduce costs and environmental impact of disposal

Bidue delivers to the buyer’s office or directly at the premises (hotel, residence, business premises, construction site).

Modern style

Bidue has long experience in designing modern and contemporary furnishings.

We make every kind of workmanship (details, finishes, treatments) and we constantly innovate our production department to offer our customers the most modern technology.

Custom-made table for a contract project

Made-to-measure and customization

Bidue production department is a highly-skilled artisan workshop in all woodworking, from the classic to the most elaborate and modern.

Every kind of detail and workmanship can be tailored to the specific demands of the customers, due to the craftsmanship that Bidue, on the example of tradition, has adopted in the company, alongside technological innovations.

Bidue workshop
artisan woodwork and handmade finishing

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